August 31, 2005

Capitol CIty Arts Initiative

Later this month I get to put a piece of art in the Carson City courthouse. Being a rough artist not a fine artist, I have a hard time when it comes to these type of projects. Somehow people think of me as a contemporary artist, but in reality I'm an escape artist. I have Houdini not Dali on my walls. So I have to figure out what I'll do for this show. It struck me while I was visiting the capitol that I would find a wall and paint a mural on it, then SOMEHOW, connect it to the indoor space. Documentation is of course the most obvious, but what can I come up with in the next 4 weeks that will be better.
The attached photo is a section of the wall I am politicking to paint. The photo only shows 1/15th of the wall. IT'S THAT BIG!!!


  1. where is that wall?

  2. About 2 miles down HWY 50 going towards Fallon. Directly before Slot World.

  3. corrosion and growth... rusty truck. I like this rusty truck, the door thrown up to finish it all off, very nice. Keep it up. Know you will.