October 13, 2005

Nevada unlocal

After all of these projects in the heart of the state I seem and feel like a Nevadan. However, i just moved to the capital of California, Sacramento, where I will be an artonaut for who knows how long.
At this moment I am in Dayton, Nevada. In the mobile homes and abandoned Chryslers of HWY 50. Here, I am couped up in a Casino pre-completion, painting murals and such to make gamblers forget that they are in a casino, in Dayton, losing their paychecks, and ruining their lives. I arrive late. The busy bees work their adult legos into lofts, and arches, stairways, and promenades. Everyday it grows as the big gulp cups stack up along the perimeter.
I leave sometime after the moon sets and the porchlight flicker on for another day.
I think I'll ride to Virginia City today. 6 mile canyon is 2 miles from here, so that means 16 miles round trip. I'm leaving right now. I'll tell you how long it takes when I post next.

p.s. go to the Lyon County Courthouse in Yerrington to see my newest mess along with Chad Sorg, Jeff Johnson, Nolan Preece, Martin Holmes, Zoltan Janvary, Christine Karkow, Bart McCoy, Sara McCoy, and some other blokes.

Opening Saturday, Oct. 15th at 5pm - 7pm, Closing on Nov. 23.

Also go see the even bigger mess at the Carson City Courthouse. Still open through the beginning of December. This one is the best because Nick Van Woert has his polaroid piece in it and he doesn't even live here anymore. Ok, go now.



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