September 17, 2006

Carson Mural Project

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Come join the Criminal Mass bike ride in Carson to kick off the new mural by Yale Wolf and Erik Burke. Bring your bike or borrow one and meet at 4pm in the Blue Moon parking lot at California and Plumas in Reno. Carpool's leaving at 4:30 so don't be late. Or find your own ride and meet in Carson.

The show is found at the alleyway of 1801 N. Carson St. Carson St. On your left right in the heart of Carson on the main strip. There's even a liquor sto' across the street. It can't get anymore convenient.

Show starts at 5pm and goes to 7pm. So don't miss out. Activities include: Gold Fronts, Rajbot, Triclops, and meeting my 3rd grade teacher.

Here's a few licks of the process. Yale and I have taken scuzzlife to a new level. Eating burnt beans cooked off of kerosene poured straight on the ground. Sleeping in cardboard boxes on the coldest nights of the year. And of course, making a mess of color on everything else.

...also Lucky made the front of the Nevada Appeal today.

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