May 13, 2008


Oh boy, oh boy. Just finished my mini-thesis and it manages to cover all the bases. It is(in no particular order, except the first one which is extremely important when living in NY and putting all of your dumb and vain thoughts into a blog like this)

1. Hip. Totally, i meant like totally. Cos street art is to young people what catheters are to old people.
2. Introspective. I mean come on, it's a mini-thesis. These people want precedents and shit!
3. Modern. Since the space race is long over Americans look to new things to lead the world in. We are killing blogging but what about using lasers to cut stencils for religious ceremonies dedicated to taggers? Check.
3. Blasphemous. No one ever made it on the nightly news or into the loony bin without being a little blasphemous. And blasphemy is equally proportionate to fun while being equally disproportionate to morals, but we all know that morals fly out the window when we are having good fun.

Download the pdf of Candalism: Graffiti Prayer and the Age of Meta at my school site. Downloadable print-on-demand book coming. Stay Tuned!

*Warning* This is an unproofed paper abound with grammatical flaws and acabonical* word uses. Grain of salt be gone.

acabonics: (aca-bonics). The sexual reproduction (oral) of academics and ebonics in order to bring street cred to the academic world or professionalism to the streets.

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