May 09, 2008

Field Guide for Public Works, published

I can't believe it! Today we got the hardcopy of our Book. Our, meaning the Field Guide to Public Works lead by Andy Bichlebaum, Evan Roth, and James Powderly. However, a huge contribution was made by Paola Winograd and Adriana Yoto, whom without their help this book never would have been finished!

This is a how-to formatted book dealing with confronting the public space with interventions both physical and digital, covering the bases on everything from Velvet Strike's guerilla graffiti in First Shooter online games to Women on Waves' doctors who give abortions to women in int'l waters in order to bypass various countries' restrictions.

Further interviews and stories with Adams, Improv Everywhere, Ghostbikes, Molleindustria, Surrealville, Ladonia, Santiago Cirugeda, the Secret mall Apartment, Katsu, Andrea Accosta, the Art Guys, Green Guerillas, Steve Lambert, and others. You can purchase all 178 pages of the book through Lulu for $30.
Or download the on-line size pdf here

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