June 12, 2008

Home sweet Photobooth

First off, a shout out to my big and lil' boo's at Sleepy Time who been holding it down, waterloggin' the fine art world, since the new milli. But for the record, I stumbled upon some aussi biters named Sleep Club. I'm going to post a project they did in Berlin at the Takt Residency.

I think that the larger issue they address about public housing is great and I like the dual use of the photobooth as house and means of documentation. But again, true praise is due to the almighty Sleepy Time keepin' it hood coast to coast.
From their website:

We made some flocked Schlaf Klub tshirts and wore them while we slept in six different Photoautomats in Berlin. We took a lot of pictures and made this little installation as a result. Shown at Gallery Takt in Friedrichshain.

Sleep Club is the collaborative work of Dell Stewart and Adam Cruickshank. They went to different art schools in sunny Queensland, but now live and work in Melbourne, Australia.

Last image from a project by Adam Cruickshank.

Lastly, i've been doing a lot of maps today and wanted to post two of which should be very useful for people in the NYC area. Both are also totally open to the public and awaiting your updates.

nyc photobooths
nyc swimming pools

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