July 13, 2008

The Value of Property

I've never thought more about the value of property until I moved to New York. With the rise in housing and gentrification running rampant from hicks like me moving to NYC, the problems associated with property (and the lack thereof) is more than apparant. Go hang out at a coffee shop for a minute and it seems like that is all people talk about any more. So with the concern of rent being a priority of conversation I wanted to play the real estate market in a Gordan Matta Clarke meets Dan Witz sort of way.

This leads me into small worlds (no punny stuff here, ahem, such as unReal Estates, Fake estates[already taken], etc.). I've posted a few to craigslist but it seems they have already been flagged. I'm going to spend this week reposting and getting the descriptions perfect in hopes of selling the absurd. Since after all, isn't the psychology of the market combined with the cogs of the artworld absurd enough?

Check out the craigslist post

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