June 11, 2005

(con)Temporary Gallery exhibition

Just like last year we are going to completely take over a downtown alleyway. It's like one of those reality t.v. shows where they completely makeover a house except our house has piss, glass, and dead birds all over the floor. Nonetheless the second annual Independent Show begins in July and an exhibition is slanted for around July 15th. Invitations were just sent out and painting should begin in a matter of weeks. flyer front2005

2005 invitation pics attachment

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  1. Pars just confirmed his participation at the (con)Temporary gallery and buZ blurr just made a quick pit stop in town before making the long trek back to Gurdon, Arkansas. Josh Yoches the goog third of Activa Seed will be coming up from Oakland to bang out some thrash metal art while Megan Berner is coordinating a video screening.