July 27, 2005

How Gallery came to be

Welcome to Gallery part 1, the Reno chapter.
As you may now there is a show coming up on August 27th at the Never Ender Gallery, by Erik Burke. Erik has been documenting the Gallery process in his hometown and has built a hefty library. He first encountered the Gallery while visiting a mens stall in Seattle, where he noticed the text 'gallery' scrawled next to the urinal. He thought, "I never really considered the bathroom an exhibition showroom, but I guess it does look pretty nice." After all Duchamp used the urinal and and art historians love to build contemporary art rhetoric off of that one instance.

As Erik returned home he noticed Gallery's everywhere he went. In alleyways, on demolished building, even in the grocery store next to all the Campbell's soup. It was inescapable. As long research plugged it's way into Erik's head he realized that the gallery was a device used by Luther Blissett, a famous Italian artist, to remind the public that art is all around them. In a sense he wanted to not create art but point out art. Point out the art that was all around and not necessariliy in the gallery. And Luther Blissett decided the easiest way to do that was by labeling it. So began the Gallery campaign in Italy.

Somehow it made it's way all around the globe and into the documenting library of Erik Burke. So come August 27th to the Never Ender Gallery on Liberty and Arlington to be reminded of the importance of art in everyday places.

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