July 25, 2005

Never Ender Gallery show

I know, I know, I thought I wouldn't do another show inside of a gallery but I did. I can't help it. I'm human and tend to say yes, a lot. So to circumnavigate the idea of presenting artwork in a gallery setting, such as pain-tings, I documented various outdoor galleries that the indoor (Never Ender Gallery) exhibition will elude to by ways of photographic and video processes. As the audience enters the gallery space they will be presented with a variety of stimulus such as video projection, telephone, and photos, similar to entering a restaurant and perusing over a menu. The audience will then be able to interact with the piece by selecting a gallery from the list of photos and ordering it. By ordering a gallery, they don't actually get it in a physical consumer-type-of-way, but they become curator and therefore have control over the space. I'm working with Mr. Tedore once again to create an application that can bring video of these make-shift galleries to the audience member who has just ordered his or her art. SInce I am rather computer illiterate the finalized process has yet to be determined. Atleast by me.
I decided to go about an exhibition in this fasion due to my apathy for trying to sell art. Now when I say art, I emphasize the uncapitalization of the word and the minuteness of those three letters slumped next to one another. Because when you say Art like art it is a dead word and buying art seems like nothing more than pinching some pennies into a casket. I hope to never create passive art. Nor do I wish to soley create pain-ting art because I'm not interested in a surface that you can turn your back on. The --- that I'm going for doesn't rear it's head to the word. It's camouflaged in absurdity yet symbiotic with the everyday experience. It allows you to watch while secretly coaxing you to participate. It's not special and doesn't deserve a mantle. But a mind that won't forget and easily is reminded of what it's like to follow through with a wonderful idea.
I hope to see you there on Saturday, August 27th at 7 pm. Never Ender is at 350 West Liberty Street, just up the street from the Nevada museum of art and near the intersection of Arlington and California.

Don't forget,

Luther Blissett

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