August 29, 2005

Exhibit at Never Ender

Last night was the opening for the Galleries Gallery exhibit and thanks to all the people that came. If you haven't checked it out yet, you better soon due to its short-termed existence.

Also, the show could not have been pulled off the same without the amazing help of what has jokingly been termed the factory. Starring Anthony Arvalo, as the hanging guru, Tony Alston on audio, and Ben Tedore with the Max MSP experimental video.

I was excited as all hell to combine all these elements together and play with the ideas of virtual graffiti on "public" space and recontextualizing the idea of artwork as it exists within a "gallery". I don't know how clearly I conveyed the ideas originally planned but I hope that the majority of the people understood the show for more than just a photo exhibit.

Ben recorded quick time files of some of the virtual gallery sessions and I will do my best to put them up on the blog.

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