December 14, 2005

20th & P. St.

Ok, so the newest installment is all about binary systems. Up, down, black, white, good, bad, all those topics that the human race is pre-occupied with. The intent was to shorten the disproportionate length of the wall by dividing the space in half. Automatic symmetry. I knew I wanted to paint a photo I took of my friend Dirt in the center because I've always wanted to. Every since the shutter remembered. So BAM! There's Dirt. Since Dirt was holding a dead dragon fly that we just killed the idea of flight is available. With that comes air, motion, up. Dirt, the centerpiece. Dirt the centerpiece. Dirt is always the centerpiece. The human and the material. So within the photo is a shadow, down, attachment, death. SymmetryrtemmyS. Up, air, sky, powerlines. Sorry, very didactic.
THe process of making the images is my new favorite. It involves flattening the image into abstract forms that when placed in the right places produces the illusion of form. Making 2-d and 3-d simultaneously. Within the abstractions I introduce smaller flattened imagery that makes up new forms as well as the larger image. So for this mural I created all the intricacies with the image of a boy running. He is running all within the piece and from what, one doesn't know. Until one discovers in the center a bear, since on the first night of creating this piece I got jumped by some guys (or urban bears). My personal shutter remembered and I wanted to include that into the narrative. The colors...not my first pick, but pretty good for a shoestring budget. I know I'm not the worlds greatest or even averagest mural painter but when I find out that most murals fetch 20,000 dollars and I did this one for 9 dollars I begin to wonder about that grey area.

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