December 09, 2005

Fists to temples

Here is a midway through shot somewhere around 8 hours into it. I keep forgetting my ladder so I have to stack three 5-gallon drums up on that slippery moss in order to hit the top. That's nothing though. Last night I got jumped here by 9 dudes. I would say it was my second fight ever, but it was hardly a fight because somebody punched my in the back of the head as I was in mid sentence with one of the guys in the group. Then it was just a round of fists and hands in pockets. They made off with my cellphone so if I'm not returning your call you know why. GO AMERICA!

1 comment:

  1. Erik,
    sorry to hear about the slugging and grandma says that the important thing is that you are okay. We both wonder if you will be seeking biofeedback therapy for your recently acquired PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). I know a girl who once dated a girl who could administer just the right amount of electrodes for dirt cheap.
    As far as everything else goes I give you an A+ for using your time wisely, hey... actually, I give you an A- for using my time wisely while I perused this site.
    thanks again for the awesome co-op logos!! The elders of the committee gleamed with pride and decided to bless your little heart once and for all!!
    “A” is for all of the "Z"ealots in life….