December 01, 2005

Future Projects

You've seen them all around town. Those forgotten places where nothing happens. Broken glass, tumbleweeds, some shoes over a powerline. The lepers of geography. I've played around in one of those places for some years now. The first time was about 7 years ago with David Elliot when we painted a mix of Tao Te Ching aphorisms and bizarre imagery. Now, the same place is that much more forgotten and all I can imagine is filling it in with people and ideas. I ran into Greg Geness on his return from Europe and he too found the space. Ofcourse the first thing he imagined was ramps and such, I don't blame him, the place is perfect with all the concrete, but moreso he saw the potential in this place. I think you would too. You should go down there and begin the plans. Because next summer it's on. The (con)Temporary Gallery needs to expand and I see this has a perfect branch. Go daydream there, beneath hwy 395 behind Barnes and Noble on Virginia St.

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