March 15, 2006

Finally done...for now

Although I'll probably pick this beast to bits, filming more, compiling more, and then hacking chunks from it like seasonal's done for now.

If you want a copy of it, contact me and I'll let you know about how to get a copy of it. For now, only a few copies are being released and only a couple screenings are taking place.

The first screening is at the Cultural Centre Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, April 22
The second screening is at the Temporary Art Centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands on April 28t.

You can learn more at...


Watch the video

Middle part A

Watch the video

Middle Phone Call

Watch the video

Ending vlog

Watch the video

Colossus outtake (Nosebleed Pool)

Watch the video First day out we finished off the day with a little public pool action, a.k.a., showering. Derek and I split up and I was hitting the back stroke while he was hitting the butterfly. I finished my 4billionth lap and went to the locker room to peep my amazing biceps. That's when I saw a pool of blood next to Dereks locker. He was no where to be found. So I did what anyone with a camcorder would do. I followed the trail of blood.

Colossus outtake (Granby)

Watch the video On the way home I caught a ride from my old roommate from Boulder to Granby. Besides the insanity of the hellatious snow accumulating in June, was the fact that when we arrived at the train station it was the 100th anniversary of the railroad reaching Granby. People were out with their costumes, electric fiddles, and cannons. Shit was a blaze a' glory. I tried to catch up with Virgil Hughes, the head honcho for the brass band as my train was rollin' in and rollin' out.

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