June 22, 2006

4th and Sutro mural

Two nights ago we started a new mural on 4th st. As most people know, 4th St. is the butt of many jokes when it comes to crackheads, prostitutes, and seediness. So it only seemed appropriate that we borrow a projector from UNR, hook it up to my laptop, and project the murals image on the wall to trace the proportions right. We did this from 9ish all the way till 3am. And surprisingly enough, we experienced no drivebys, no muggings, not even a well-to-do heckling. In fact, it was so peaceful there at the Sutro Motel that I could have sworn I was inside the confines of Caughlin Ranch. But, I've got to laught when I look at the photo of Yale because all I can see is the mexican styled, Coca Cola bottle. All throughout the neghborhood you can only purchase Coke from these beat up bottles. So to protect ourselves from Laptop wanting, drug-fiending, playboys of the night we kept this thick-glassed Coke around for safe swinging.

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