July 03, 2006

Emulsion Neighbors

Emulsion Neighborhood finally complete. The intent was to make a truly site-specific mural that reflected that specific community. So during the time it took to prime the wall I took photos at random of people who passed through the alleyway. The photographs were then converted into two-tone images and produced with smaller stencils to make a larger picture.

Atleast a year has passed since those first portraits were taken and it feels really comforting to know that the wall is finally done. I never knew who influential this wall was to people passing by, but since working on it I've had so many conversations with people who stop by regularly to witness the progress. It seems that it gave them something to check up on. Like a little brother or a garden. Regardless, it's nice to remind people that these cities belong to us, the little people, who take great strides to build them but often times feel left out of the overall plan.

Thanks to Caedron, Toni, and Satin Touch for putting some finesse on it.

Tentative Gangsta Title " Two and a quarta' shootin' thirty fives"

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  1. I love it! Been admiring Nessie Noodles photos of the mural...