August 30, 2006

Got Shots, Brasil in 3 weeks

I got all my shots. Four to be exact and now it's off to Brazil. Don't know what to expect. Probably too much at this point. But it's been something I've wanted to do for almost a decade. I'm starting in Sao Paulo. Hoping to meet up with a fellow painter Zezao. He's got some amazing work at his website and lost art

Also while Im there, Os Gemeos are having their first solo show in their own country. see it here

Cell phone memories from travels in Brasil. Click if you want to see them big or you can just go to the flickr page. Too jetlagged to do any sort of proper story-telling at this point. Will be back to type soon now that I'm back in the seemingly advanced world of laptops and go-go gadgets.

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  1. In that last one, you look muito gay.