October 17, 2006

One Hand Clapping Tour 2006

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My week with buZ blurr. If anything this week was amazing and somehow I fought off the overwhelming feeling to slip into a southern accent. But not escape the lexicon of gumption traps and becoming general specific. Lots of writers made it out for the first night and bought up just about all of my dvds. The second night was a dud. However, I got to meet the amazing John Held Jr. and Mike G. said he saw him shed a tear during the movie. It must have been the music. Digi-bike not quite up and running but I survived one riding in the glass case storefront without crashing out the window. Also survived many long nights with minimal sleep and an empty stomach. Highlight include streaking the Desert yard in Oakland with buZ under the supervision of that yards Roadmaster. Like getting the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. Ringing my bell to scare off hordes of pigeons as I biked through Chinatown was also up on the list along with drinking with the Gold Fronts in the mish, having latenight tofu phili cheesesteaks, and randomly running into Barry Magee and getting to go see his house. Next stop Olympia.

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