November 14, 2006

Reno Bike Project (EVENT)

Don't miss out on the Reno Bike Project's event this Saturday, the 18th @ Record St. Cafe. Plenty of fun, events, people, and bike education. And if you didn't see the front cover of the Reno Gazette Journal yesterday check this shit out. And I highly recommend that we all write the author ( of the article a letter about how the article was handled. In my opinion the article brought in Dan Brown's argument totally out of context and instead of celebrating creating more alternative ways of transportation it demonized it by calling it a trend. 'It' being fixed gear bicycles, which is not what the article or the co-op is even about.

I also went to the online version of the article and read the comments block. Although everyone seemed to be commending the efforts of the bike co-op, the major and collective concern was that of safety. Ironically enought no one seems to be concerned with the long term effects that automobiles and our construction of cities have on our health. If people really are concerned that a bike co-op will lead to more bicycle related injuries and even death I think the major concern is not bicycles but car culture. How can we build a safe bicycle city? What is it about the seemingly dangerous wet cities of Portland and Amsterdam that lead to such a vibract, healthy, and safe city for bicyclists? How can we create bike lanes and what streets should be prioritized for bike lanes?

Although I understand and emphatize with people's concern for safe cycling I think that by creating a presence of bicyclist we will slowly introduce new urban etiquette to drivers, bicyclist, and pedestrians.

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