January 03, 2007

Deconstructing Estonia

It just seemed all too appropriate to construct these Hockneyesque composites in context of what's happening here in Estonia. Everywhere you go the rigid communist block housing districts are looming. Yet the era of communist rule is over and Estonia is quickly jumping on the western bandwagon. To be liberal now is something to pride. So a photograph can be understood in much the same way. Although individual in content a photograph is nothing more than a blocky, contained, and equally sized artifact. It is nothing differnet than the other 23 light-sensitive pieces of paper with it. But by shuffling the deck and jostling them in, over, and under one another you can get a completely authentic image. Yet, no longer is each image equal since some are cropped and covered. Survival of the fittest is at work. The meak will inherent the girth of a load of other photos on it. This is the idea of capitalism. This is what is happening in Estonia. And it shows in there customer service. constuct destruct
phallic things
klooga room
klooga worker camp room

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