November 26, 2007

Recyclers of Brooklyn

There are three kinds of nomads.

• hunter-gatherers
• pastoral nomads
• peripatetic nomads

Peripatetics were members of a school of Philosophy in ancient Greece. Their teachings derived from their founder, Aristotle and Peripatetic is a name given to his followers.
The term means “the ones walking about” which may be derived from the public walk at the Lyceum in Athens which Aristotle and his disciples frequently took when philosophizing.
Aristotle founded the Peripatetic school in 335 BC when he first opened his philosophical school in Lyceum.
According to some writers, the Peripatetics were not in fact the direct followers of Plato or Aristotle, but rather a set of admirers perpetually following the philosophers and their students in their daily walk. Such accounts also suggest that sometimes these “followers” wer known for their use of drink and unruly behavior.

Nomadism is unique to industrialized nations

• RV park inhabitants
• Train Hoppers
• Homeless

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