March 05, 2008

New Publications

A french group invited me to participate in a book and exhibition called “400 ml project” where 400 artists were selectedt to create an individualized piece using a spray can. The exhibition is being put on by LE MUR, wich help artists working in urban spaces and the book is being published by Kitchen 93. The exhibition will be on tour this summer and shown around the world. Among some artists who have already agreed to take part the project, are Speedy Graphito (FRA), BASK (USA), Jace (FRA), RUIDO (BRA), Jérôme MESNAGER (FRA), *G* (FRA), ASHD (SGP), Jean FAUCHEUR (FRA), L'Atlas (FRA), TomTom (FRA), Roadsworth (CAN), Abe LINCOLN Jr (USA), The London Police (NLD), Space3 (NLD), MORCKY (USA), BUFF MONSTER (USA), SMATIK (DEU), TA55O (DEU), ILK (FRA), KEINOM (DEU), KOMA (FRA), EGR (CAN), LABRONA (CAN), BLADE (FRA), ATOME (AUS), CRASH (USA), ZEVS (FRA), SICKBOY (UK),…


Also Carpe Diem a nonprofit organization creating and supporting public murals asked me to be in a 280 page book dealing with big murals/projects painted around the world and by different techniques. So far it shows the work of 67 artists and 6 organizations. It should be coming out by the end of the summer as well.

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