August 20, 2008

Beautiful Losers, people and places

Coming back i've noticed so many burnt out, shot up, squatted in, boarded up buildings. Especially as I explore my new neighborhood of Bed Stuy, one can't help but find the abandoned lots and homes. What happened to these places? What's still inside? Rats, that's for sure. But what type of shit went down in these haunts.

I just went and saw the new Aaron Rose doc, 'Beautiful Losers' and it's funny when Espo describes his first time coming to Manhattan. He said he just got off the JMZ in the Lower East Side and a cop car was on fire. Then he said by the time he got to Tompkins Square there were tons of garbage cans on fire. He then goes on to say that he knew he was in a place he loved. Even Cheryl Dunn goes on to say that tons of artists moved to NY in the early 90's because you could squat about anywhere. She says this as she sits in front of a photo of the AMAZE and REVS roller on Wooster where at one point tons of artists lived, but now SOHO is one of the poshest digs in NYC.

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