August 06, 2008

Pyramid Lake

Ok, since I was gone in Reno I got to go to Pyramid Lake, which has got to be the raddest and eeriest place in Nevada. After tip toeing around piles of red hants, burnt barns and forgotten school houses in Wadsworth we made it to the southern entrance of the lake. Once on the res. we stopped at the gas station for stale ass ice cream sandwiches and beaded bracelets. After an arduous stint in some toe truckers loose rock trap we unbeached the bus and made it down the long winding road to the Pyramid. Hit the water at dusk and saw the hugest spiders protecting the island. Amazing just swimming with my bestest homies in some warm and salty desert water. Clear as the truth staring at my feet walk on sand ground from tufa formations named after spirits. Driving home under a skinny moon on a back ass road with no radio and good company.

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