October 06, 2008


Got a chance to go milling around in this beautiful old building down near the Gowanus Canal.  Found a bunch of old squatter houses (this being one of the cleanest by far) and couldn't imagine who would've stayed here.  Then randomly ran into You Go Girl on the G train and he said that this place, the Batcave he called it, was his first home.  He moved into it when he was 17 and lived there for a year until too many other squatters moved in and started doing heroin.

In other news I got the flu and haven't been able to do much of anything.  Ugghhh!

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  1. crazy - I just met some kids this week who used to live at the batcave and were tellin me stories about it's various stages of junkiefication. then i find this blog, cuz it mentioned graffiti research lab. weird. who are you?