May 30, 2009

Old News is still Good News

Before coming back to a full house of relatives and friends I was in Minneapolis for an event called the Art a Whirl. Every year Minneapolis does a huge art event throughout the city and for this year I painted a mural for Shuga Records with Mike Fitzsimmons and John Grider of Broken Crow. Between scarfing down burgers, throwing back brewskis, and assembling scaffolding we painted the mural in 4 days. Paul Schmelzer of Eyeteeth made a video of the process that is below and also wrote about the mural on his blog. (photos by Paul Schmelzer via his photostream)
Aside from the mural for Shuga Records we were also part of an event called the 24-hr art making marathon hosted by the Walker Art Center. We got in and painted a quick 3-hour shift at the conclusion just when the all-night art'ers were painting like zombies.

The event was amazing and a big shout out to Whit who organized the event!!! Check out the time lapse video of the process below to see the chaos that ensues when you put a handful of teenagers in a room with art supplies and a little anarchy.

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