July 26, 2009

Catching Up

It's been so long since I posted and there's a lot of news. Just back from travelling a bit. First up in Montreal where we sampled the poutine, biked around the island, and climbed trees to the sounds of Picnik Electronik. We then turned a 6-hr car drive into an 11-hr drive home as we took in the wonders of Albany, the time ripened armpit of New York.

Even more recently I returned from 6-days in St. Paul, Minneapolis' sister city. The first few days consisted mainly of upgrading my sense of pop-culture facilitated by on-demand True Blood episodes and the new film Bruno - followed by visits to the nearby layup and wizard staffing meetings at John Grider's bbq party. In the end Broken Crow and I created a few new handmade posters that will be up for sale shortly. So check back...
I awoke this morning to good ol' Brooklyn and Tae and biked across to check out the new Os Gemeos mural over the Keith Haring on Houston. At first no one was there just us and the amazing mural. Within 10 minutes it was like a walk through the Graffiti Hall of Fame. The twins showed up and began to paint - finishing a few outlines with sputtering precision. Next Cope2 rolled up and my jaw kind of dropped thinking of the two varying artists signifiicance in the world of graffiti. Before I could recover a car service dropped off Steve Powers and he walked up to the wall rocking some Prada glasses and electified high top haircut. Seeing all of them together was really something and all I could think was, 'i fuckin' love living in New York City!'

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