August 05, 2009

Os Gêmeos make NY Times

There was an article in the NY Times this Monday about the Os Gêmeos mural down at Houston and Bowery. I only wonder why it came out now and not close to a month ago when they were down their painting.


  1. Erik. The article is a review of the finished mural, so it couldn't have been written before the piece was done...

  2. It would have been cool if they covered them painting it though...

  3. I've with you Nick - it would have been cool for them to cover the process. But what i think is odd is the irrelevance of the Times as "news". Dont' get me wrong, i love the Times. But we've entered no man's land of media where we, or atleast I rely on twitter, flickr, and facebook for news instead of traditional sources like the Times because it is more current and still news.

    i can't help but be reminded of a funny Jason Jones interview with the NY Times on the Daily Show where he asked them why "aged news" is better than real news. I was asking the same thing when the Os Gemeos article came out since it had been over a month since they finished painting and god knows it shouldn't take a month to be critical. At least for an Art Critic getting paid by the Times to do just that. To be fair, I'd check your blog expecting you to write critically about it before looking to the Times.