November 07, 2009

Desert Drawings

Just back from a quick trip with my good friend Yale Wolf. Driving south following the beautiful Sierra and Carson range into Gardnerville, Topaz, and Bridgeport without c.d.s, mixtapes, or iPods.

Just the rattling windows not fully sealed. Yellow cottonwood leaves along 395. Home made signs with chipped gold leaf. Gas station honey packets on squaw bread. 12 pack of Coors from the local butcher. A hot spring filled with residue from the hands of painters just done from painting the inside of the Bridgeport jail. Juvenile vandalism with a hint of Monet's lilypads. Butch Cassidy and the breakdance kid. Keeping secrets from the boss but advertising on the new Times Square (the internet).

Oh the desert. My favorite silent friend. Never there to ask or tell or beg or approve. You just are and that's what makes you great. Thanks.

-check out Yales' work if you get a minute. And more on my flickr.

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