December 13, 2009

RIPO Shouts Back

Everytime I check in on Ripo I'm amazed at the amount of work he's put out. Like this rad new piece slapped up on the banks of the Barcelona port.

Aside from Ripo's clean lettering is his success in saying something with his letters. Here's an excerpt from Ripo's site about the below pic.

For years this was a spot I could go to paint with friends and visitors with little stress except the wind blowing our pieces across the wall. Literally hundreds of artists had painted this kilometer stretch of cement (front and back) separating the Barcelona port from the Mediterranean Sea. Layer upon layer of beautiful artwork was created, faded by the sun and seawater, and repainted, giving life, color, meaning, and history to what would have been a barren stretch of cement. That is until they finished constructing the new towering W Hotel a few months ago. Along with this luxury hotel came one of the biggest washes of Grey paint and powerblasting I’ve ever seen. The ENTIRE wall, front and back, was cleaned to a boring grey slab. So Much History had been Erased so that those at the hotel can feel like we were never there.

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