May 27, 2010

MOHS exhibit show "Sail away" opens tonight

So we made it to Copenhagen after sleeping in many a bush, swamp, knoll, lot, pension, house, you name it. After staying in so many one-day homes it really got me thinking about homes, being homesick, and basic necessity. It will be odd to have more than a backpack to live out of soon. I just can't imagine what all I'll need.

So the real meat of this post is that I just finished a short video showing a few clips from the last few days of the 50 day trip. Had a great time with all the people of Copenhagen and meeting people on the street. If you happen to be in Copenhagen, go by MOHS exhibit at S√łnder Boulevard 98 Friday night for the opening. I won't be there but Derek will be along with a ton of his great work.

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