September 12, 2010

Burn Extended

Back from this years Burning Man after a week of building and running the Ghost Train with my 2 favorite Brooklynites. The playa just had too many notable nights of surprise sandstorms, twisted roller disco, ghost riding whips, jumping tall bikes, and enjoying great company. Here's a few pics of a spray extension I made using one of our leftover 2x4's. If you want to build your own all you need is some sort of extension, in this case a 16' long 2x4. Cut a 2.25" wide notch in one side of the 2x4 a few inches deep. Place the can in the slot and tape down using duct tape or your favorite trustworthy adhesive. Next saw a slit in the top of the spray paint cap. Make it just deep enough to hold a skinny rope without splitting the cap. Now get a rope and tie one end into a loose loop. Place the top of the loop in the slit of the cap you just cut. Run the rope down either side of the can and have the knot tie just at the base of the can. I used some additional tape to make little tunnel-like pieces to hold the rope equally on either side of the can (do this by rolling the duct tape over on itself like little penne noodles.) Now cut a hole through the 2x4 a few inches below the notch you previously cut out. I drilled mine out at a 45 degree angle. Lastly thread the rope through this hole and you should be good to go. Just pull and watch the rope pull the cap down for you. Voila! Now go get some hard to reach places.

Pics by Tyler McPherron and Kevin. See you next year.

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