March 04, 2011

Art Makes Rent

For those people emailing if I got work for sale, the answer is Yes. The pieces are all aerosol and latex paint on leftover dry wall from building the cabin. Since dry wall isn't the strongest I will make sure to mail them secured between two sheets of MDF and bubble wrapped.

If interested you can contact me or send your payment through PayPal to All prices include postage and handling, except international shipping which depends on destination.

Thanks for your continued support!

Untitled, 23" x 18",  $75

Untitled 2, 13.5" x 40.5", $125

Limp wrist, 13" x 12", aerosol and latex on drywall, $50
Westside Arrow, 8" x 23", $75
Westside, 8" x 21", $75

Blood, 24" x 18", $75

Blood II, 24" x 18", $75

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