May 19, 2011

Minneapolis, Day 10

Visiting Minneapolis is always a highlight for me. Most notably because it's when I get to hang out, paint, live, barbeque, and experience the duo known as Broken Crow. These guys make great work and they are even greater people. But you already know that.

Today we just finished this wall and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It's a perfect mix of our work and it was so great to take part in their process of large scale holy fuck-sized stencils from the beginning. Here's a little bit from the process...

Shade and toilet paper, what else do ya' need.

Day 1. Find a wall. Check

Make a sketch

Mike's not just good at spraying paint through holes. He's a good model too.

Angel and Mike make for happy hand models

After a few dozen x-acto blades and a couple days we successfully transformed the attic into a hamster fortress.

Outline up, woot, woot!

In response to a lady asking me if she could park her car in the lot during happy hour.

If you live in Minneapolis check it out in person. It's right between the Modern Cafe and the 331 Club. Thanks to Drew for the wall, Mike Bishop for being a smooth talker, and John Oulman for the endless entertainment.


  1. Fantastic! Check out this festival where you do a paste up and get checked out by a doctor. O+ Festival. It's the Art of Medicine for the Medicine of Art.

    Lot's of Big Walls!