June 23, 2011


Hey internet. I died.
Well, for about a week. And then I found some WiFi when I made it up to Berlin and here's a few of my favorite images from the trip.
Irgh, Earl, Grey, OverUnder in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Anthony Lister, OverUnder, Irgh

The City Where Strangers Meet

Painted a fish truck in the Turkish Market for this guy.

Olabad, OverUnder, and Earl

This is definitely one of the weirdest and most gratifying painting i've made lately.

Mein schatz

Kittens and roller skating gallery owners are cute.

Truth serum.

Good eats.

Alexander Vasmoulakis mural, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Blasting away a quick one.

Merlin from Berlin, err, well technically Vienna.

Had to go back and change this one a bit. Gave him a complete arm and a big ol' smiling weiner obviously.

Made in Barcelona but found a home in Kreuzberg. I love how it clipped the Y O U to leave O U.

We have a series of these now. Love the little cars.

Truck in the turkish market. Wurste Bande, Earl, OverUnder, Neukölln

Life is loco.

Best graff in Berlin, hands down.

Lister working on a piece.

Olabad wheatpaste in Neukölln.

Daytime remnants.

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