August 22, 2011

Living Walls Atlanta Part I

Now this is how you put on an event! For 2 weeks Catherine (White Cocoa) and I sweated with the best of 'em in good ol' Atlanta, Georgia for Living Walls. The humidity and the mosquitos took there toll on us but the amazing people and artists at Living Walls definitely made up for it. Throughout the first week a dozen city and community-supported murals popped up as well as tons of smaller works on abandoned structures. In fact, Atlanta seemed like an artists paradise due to the overwhelming amount of under-utilized and long forgotten structures. Since a boarded up building was always within rocks-throw we had no trouble distributing our wheat pastes and having a chance to spot works of friends. Here are a few pictures of our stay.
Our view of downtown ATL and the Oakland Park Cemetary.

White Cocoa wheatpaste in Decatur

WC putting up Nick and Adriana.

WC and OU wheatpaste buddies getting silled out.

The Goat Farm building

Freddy Sam presenting at the goat farm and representin everywhere else.

Steph, our illuminati, soul and body, boomba clotty

Labrona and I somewhere near Georgia Tech. 

Jaz, Escif, RJ of Vandalog, Labrona, Sam3, and White Cocoa looking for a good breakfast joint.

This guy was looking for breakfast too. OU wheatpaste.

Labronski paste up with some birds ehh.

The gatekeepers of the ill street spots.

Mid-construction foundation overtaken by nature and this OverUnder paste up.

Sticky Mickey gives people sumfin to tahx bout.

"The shadow of america waves just as much as it wavers but the silhouette is as beautiful as any god damn thing i've ever mother fuckin seen. Period." Uh, what's this all a boot buds. For the record, I'm as much a patriot as a poet. Meaning my poetry sucks and these words are more so notes of my surroundings. Like this one is about a gigantic shadow from a flag covering a hillside. Pretty cool but probably had to be there.

Overgrown everything in Atlanta. Loving the lots!

Labrona paste up with dangling shit overhead and flying motorists just to the left and right.

Good diners with all the regulars. And you know I ordered biscuits and gravy every chance I got.

REMED (Spain) came through a while back and laid the sketch down for this banger.

I already love it but can't wait to see it after the color.

You can't have a painting event without ROA (Belgium). Amazing spot and best use of a fire escape. 

LNY (New Jersey) master blaster piece in downtown.

Over, under, and around obstacles on this Braves A.

Street Journalism! How much more hood does that sound compared to 'Street Art'?! Big ups to SARZ on the billboard.

Thanks for letting me paint a big letter on your building Stone! Next time you fly to Atlanta and ride MARTA into the city watch out the right hand window to see this amongst some other gems. 

He might be the heart of ATL but he has a great smile too. Olabad gets high on this one.

So happy to re-meet and spend time with this guy! Doodles wall from last year's LW ATL.
Entes and Pesimo (DMJZ) from Lima, Peru are not only great painters but amazing people! Check out there site.



My favorite mural of the trip! Freddy Sam (S. Africa) and Ever (Argentina) are on a visual trip like none other. Mural in Decatur.

Got Gold? Freddy Sam's portion of the wall. 


  1. yo ill get you a flick of the finished roof wall, the kodak building, and some other gems

  2. what a joyful good read :)