September 05, 2011

Samson, King of Albany

While we've been up in Albany for the early days of Living Walls we've had some great studio time. Studio time means time for Catherine to hone her White Cocaophony into some bad ass and big ass paintings. Well paintings with colored pencils that is.

I'm not familiar with oil painting but the way I understand it is by watching her do layer after layer of colored pencil. I suppose it's similar to the way the masters would apply glaze after glaze. Except it smells a hellavu lot better and is a fraction as toxic. Which means someone will be making paintings for a very, very long time.

This latest work is a portrait of Samson Contampasis, founder of the Marketplace Gallery and head of Albany's first Living Walls event. He's been hosting us at the gallery and yes, in real life he really does look like a combination Hells Angel Jesus and Black Metal Warrior.

Although the portrait might seems odd with it's assemblage of tropical fruit, fancified furniture, and a friendly mammal, it doubles as a history lesson in Samsonism. Maybe he'll tell you the story one day. But for now hope you enjoy the picture.

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