November 18, 2011

Painting Pyramid

Most people spend time at Lake Tahoe when they visit Reno. Well that's probably a good thing because Nevada's real stash lay further out in it's geologic center.

If Lake Tahoe is turtlenecks, Pyramid Lake is cut offs. Or maybe it's firearms. Hell, it could be any concoction of wild west activities meets Native American mysticism to be honest. But of all, Pyramid Lake is nature at its best.

We headed out on State Route 445, the 42-mile hwy known as Pyramid HWY and made a day of it. Hot springs, target practice, cooking, ice-cold swimming, a dash of juvenile vandalism. I'll just get to the pictures now for the sake of illiteracy in America.
After the first dozen or so miles the rocks start becoming something more than rocks.

Keep it simple like two lanes.

Or even more simple like dirt. The Pinnacles off to the right

A small Sierra Wave-like cloud over Pyramid.

Smoke in the hills.
Steeper than it looks.

Good company getting stacked.

You're on Paiute land now.

Good location for a horror movie.


A green lantern crawler.

What comes around goes around with a Pinnacle rooftop.

Insanoman being Insanoman.

Tegether. It's like when people get tethered together. Tegether.

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