December 13, 2011

Miami in December

Ballin' on a budget is one thing but Baselin' on a budget is something entirely different. White Cocoa and I made the trek to Art Basel Miami yet again, this time under the invitation of the Fountain Art Fair and the generous Greek, Samson Contompasis. Had a great time painting with the mega-talented, Canadian collaborators En Masse, midnight Atlantic swimming with Acacia and my new favorite artist Scott Ackerman, pasting with my man Gaia, Clown Soldier, and Jason Voegele, meeting up with the folks of Living Walls ATL, and enjoying the company of good friends new and old. Alright here's some pretty pictures...
So much going on in this big 12' wheat paste.

Made this the day of the great fires in Reno.

Everyone of En Masse was amazing! Here is Fred of En Masse laying down some line work.

Part of the collaborative wall with En Masse.

I have no idea what is happening inside my brain but apparently I want to go to a Ninja Megastore.

Most people at Art Basel passed out their business cards. I passed these out to newspaper racks.

Goat Curry, plantains, rice, and cafe con leche!

Clown Soldier placing a new piece.

Typical Miami scene with a Clown Soldier wheatpaste looking on.

Wish i got a better flick. Foreclosed, fiveclosed, sixclosed, sevenclosed wheatpaste.

Interesni Kazki from Ukraine absolutely killed it! So good and inventive!

Ruins ruined routinely VS battered buildings beautified

Part of large wheatpaste that was buffed after one day. C'est la ville et c'est la vie

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