April 05, 2012

Back from Open Walls Baltimore

Baltimore...what a place! Aside from being so fortunate to receive a big wall to paint for OWB and Station North Arts I made the time to get up some street pieces during my ten day stay. I'm not really sure where they all are as I was drifting like Debord and had some great hosts that shuffled me around the expansive city like a hockey puck. Big thanks to Gaia for organizing Open Walls Baltimore and putting in so much work in his own city as well as all over the damn place. Also couldn't have done it with out my man Nanook and Killian along with the overly gracious Annex posse (Rob, Luigi, Rusty, Max, Dylan, Monica, Peter, Molly, Heidi, and Ben)! Will post more soon on my mural.
'We ain't even sposed to be here' on a Neapolitan cast away downtown. 

'Brat it up' across from the Bohemian and up from my man Kevin's Station North Cafe.

'EBTSOSEBTSOSEBT' on one of Baltimore's many palimpsests while kids play football in the street to the right.

'Flat fix' ode to Jean Michel Basquiat. Pretty much destroyed this piece after having to relocate it from it's original placement.

With my man Gaia to the left in the drug heavy and sadly unpopulated Old Town Mall area.

'Auto tuned dog howls' with a shout out to the Greenmount Boys.

This is why I put work outside.

'Go stupid, go stoop id', two sides to every story, coin, and boxcar. And weird swanman stoop creature.

While putting this up I met the very interesting Simon Carey, who tried to convince me to carry that couch up into the abandoned building next to this abandoned building (between the other abandoned buildings). But instead we got to talking about the shelter up the way, the importance of ivy, why to stop doing crack, and a woman who gave him a fish that he takes care of in her pond. He asked so I gave him a little cash and he responded by asking if I had a penny in my shoe for Sunday. I said 'no' so he reached into his shoe and gave me his.

Shout out to my boy FISHGLUE

'Designer genes' on Howard st. downtown. Thanks to Nether for the photo.

'Turn over a new leaf' near Greenmount Cemetary.

'Whatever it takes. Or whatever'

'Peripheral' downtown with a happy new pup in the pack.

'Science' Kung fool, chow mang, ass gass or grass collab with my brother.

'Pushin mad weight' ding dong the witch is dead.

'Screw and chopped'. Just a small offering for me you with too much weight on my mind about the self-appointed martyr's taking offense at their friends/foes.

'Thems is just jokes' breaking and filling holes.

'NOS' ladies love it! Smoking on that newoldshit emerging from the gambling chips of long nights in Reno.

'Tuxedo knuckles' on the run from senses lost and archers galore.

'Wonder' in sowebo. Lil wayne inspired, wonder bread, communion wafer, goose approved, ebt accepted.

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