May 24, 2012

The Great Googa Mooga

Just spent the past ten days painting signs for the Great Googa Mooga (don't ask me who names these events). The event was in beautiful Prospect Park and even though it was amazing I am so thankful it is over. Thanks for lining it up Nick!
The sign painter's dungeon out in Bushwick.

Catherine adding some flair to the Arancini Baaaawwwwls.

A sleep-deprived, dirty bird in the flesh.

One of the cool things about working this event was that ESPO's I.C.Y. crew painted signs for it too.

I had to do it!

The beer tent. All those sparkly things are bottle caps! And the chandelier's were made from wine bottles.

Speaking of wine bottles, the wine tent was packed and had cool back-lit green glass bottles.

Unfortunately this did not come in a bindle stiff, brown bag, or plastic bag.

One perk was getting VIP tickets to see Iron Chef Morimoto disassemble a 200 lbs Tuna....and sample it too!

Straight outta Burning Man. A pig roasting a pig

Hall and Oates played at some point too.

So many signs! There was something like 170+ signs and each took 3-5 hours to paint.

I loved painting this one! Still not sure what a Langga hot dog is...

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