November 17, 2005

Who is really taking offense?

Story by Kyle Zozar to be inserted at a later date. For now, the story goes.

Our friends own a house. With a fence. A fence that gets tagged a lot! So we decided to paint it. After months of pieces by a dozen or so gifted graff artists the wall reached a climax of good artwork from end-to-end. The wall remained in that visual pergatory state for several more months until the graffiti task force of Reno decided that the wall was a menace. A menace to society?

So they toted their victems of community service over there and began the great white washing. One of the greatest white washings to ever commence that alley. The fence was glistening white. Like a fresh bar of soap or a china cabinet on a fresh slab of Nicaraguan cocaine. It was perfectly white. They sighed and wiped the sweat beading up under their mustaches. Keep in mind that all of this happened without the permission or even fair notice to the actual owners of the fence. The owneres who allowed the painting and liked the painting and wanted more of the painting.

The Graffiti task force pulled out to go begin more white washings, thinking to themselves that they were doing society a favor. A huge favor! Within days the very same fence that glistened like a Violent Femmes song sprouted a silver seed. It took on the shape of a tag. In fact it was a tag! A big tag that said Rate. If anything, this one silver gift was not what the Graffiti task force had in mind. In a way it was a huge middle finger to both the Graffiti Task Force, the owners of the house, and all the artists that worked so hard to create the original artwork on the fence.

So with that I took it upon myself to rechristen the wall. The witticism is intellecutal property of mon frere and the slop-driven letters are the creation of my roller. The Graffiti Task Force was unavailable for comments at this time, but I think that it would be in there best interest to go to the owners of the house, actually knock on their door, and apologize for graffiting their property with their white paint. After all, Graffiti is only graffiti when you do it without permission.

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