June 02, 2006

100 excuses (in the works for 'F is for Ephemera')

1. That's the same time when I'm going to church to learn about the Da Vinci code. 2. I can't till my girlfriend comes back from Laos. 3. I don't even know the Gold Fronts. 4. I only did it once. 5. I can't find the form. 6. I never got the form. 7. I think I'm allergic to you. 8. I have to go home and feed my cat. 9. I stayed up to 3:30 in the morning watching electronic hip hop noise. 10. I got a tack in my tube and had to stop at College Cyclery. 11. I got to get up early tomorrow. 12. My friend's dad is expecting me to help him finish polyeurethaning his roof. 13. I don't like hip hop. 14. I'm going to my friends bird show that night. 15. I have to be back early so I can paint a wall. 16. I don't speak Japanese. 17. I left my rollerblades in Sacramento. 18. I lost the manager's number. 19. It's my first time narrating a story. 20. I forgot my belt on my other pants at home. 21. It's a new card and the pins not activated yet. 22. I have to go cook dinner for my mom. 23. I'm not double jointed. 24. I'm driving tonight. 25. I just woke up. 26. I have to go drop off a video. 27. I have to wait for a call. 28.

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