June 05, 2006

Whatif on standby

Waiting to hear back about this proposed idea for the corner of 4th and Sutro. This would be my first memorial type mural. At least in planning. I only say that because the train mural on Ponderosa Meat Co. happens to be right where the train line used to run through town, but that's a different story. This mural references the Sutro tunnel that was dug out during the Comstock frenzy. This tunnel pierced through Mt. Davidson and made it possible to drain and ventilate the many mines in the Comstock Lode, and to permit the miners to bring out the rich silver ore. Adolph Heinrich Joseph Sutro was born in Prussian and came here mid-19th century. He struck it rich in V.C. than went on the become the first jewish mayor of S.F. Besides his Sutro tunnel, he at one point owned 1/12th the property in S.F., one of which being the Cliffhouse and Sutro Baths.

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  1. Hey- spoke to you quickly as you were working on the mural near Starbucks downtown-
    Dig that you are a J.B. Jackson fan (i am a geographer, what can I say)

    keep up makin' Reno a wonderful place to look at...