February 03, 2008

Thoughts on QR Codes

NEW check out this site or this to download various readers for your phone. Most are made for Nokia phones.
this one is a downloadable for the iPhone

more here at Gavitec

David Harper's, 'Mainstream America is Ready for Bar Codes Converging Realspace and Mobilespace article has lots of info on QR Codes.
These are the square bar codes that will replacing out typical barcodes. The difference is that these bar codes are scannable by mobile phones. With more and more people having cell phones, this makes it possible to put more and more information (good and bad) into peoples' hands.

Some examples...
Commercial examples
Games examples
Graffiti examples
more info
pac manhattan

-excerpt from infolust
Inspired by two-dimensional barcodes, they’re developing versatile ‘shotcodes’, ‘SMS codes’, ‘QR codes’ and ‘UPCODES’. These codes are designed to be attached, stuck, glued, or printed on objects, making those products smarter, adding relevant information or linking the viewer directly to a pertinent web page. read more here

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