November 19, 2008

Hittin' the Dirty 30

What better way to kick off your 30th birthday than by painting some ridiculous production with your homies! This ended up being virtually unreadable due to all the letters of Big City Bfield's Clairvoyance piece and the long Old Man Nevs. Our Dutch guest was really teachin' us old dogs a new trick with his short and un-outlined Camo piece. He must've spent atleast twice as much time tagging the neighborhood as he did on his piece. Good on ya'.

We were here at Alphabeta pretty much all day. What happened was we wanted to make a quick stop to get caps on our way to 5 points . It was stormy as all hell and we had just biked from Bed Stuy to Greenpoint. After getting the caps and prepping ourselves for the next portion of the ride up to Queens the guy working the shop invited us to paint the back wall. How could we refuse.

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