November 04, 2008


Just back from good ol' gay Paris where I stayed at 115 with Pigeon Crew from Amsterdam. It was an amazing and quick trip filled with way too many coincidences. Thanks to Alex, Thomas, and Benji at le 115 as well as the A-dam posse Cavin, Donny, Jessy, and Jeremy.
***Update 12/18/08***
I just received word that the kids from across the street burned down 115. Well, not entirely, but the place is pretty torched along with 20+ years of work by Alex among many others. Incredibly sad news. More info on the rebel8 website from Mike Giant who just arrived to begin his residency.


  1. fuck yeah
    nyc is going to crazy now i got the ill hook up...

  2. paris was great! and who would have thought that we rollerbladers meet Erik Burke in paris for god sake! haha! nice blog, nice to see some more work of you.