December 18, 2008

"It's been a long time"

That's right Rakim is in town tomorrow night at the Knitting Factory. Caught a show there last night that was more like hanging out around the campfire. Old buddies Anticon, hosted by Doseone reminisced about the past decade + then some. Starting from Sole and Alias' first encounter in the mall in 92 to the 'obey your thirst' sprite verses by the dodgy dose. Pedestrian tried to put him in dippity dippity check while Jel hacked at the stories too. A hilarious night hosted my a mohawked dose parading throught the past with highlights of their wackest recordings from the archives. Tonight Sole, Why?, Alias, Ped., Dose combine forces to reform as a culmination of the deep subtle cloudselves or something or other.

In other news, finished up a little video for a test project. Was trying to keep this out of your mouth but since I used Why? for the soundtrack I figured I might as well drop it here. Been fun working on this and hope that it grows. Just talked to Evan Roth from GRL and our brains just run too parallel. He sent me his ideas from Hong Kong and they go hand in hand with what I'm working on. Also big thanks to John Fekner who gave me tremendous feedback and encouragement. If you haven't seen his amazing work, check it out. Lastly, thanks to Zephyr and Thundercut for the encouragement. Hopefully everything keeps on keeping on!


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