January 15, 2009

2009 is Fresh to Death

nevs kisses the pope
tonopah, nvhoover dam freeway extensionAnother long stretch with no overunder love. Back from a 3800+ mile road trip from Reno to Brooklyn with pit-stops throughout the south. Taetae taught me how to read a map as we veered to the Juarez border and I showed her how to live off of gas station coffee. Visits with her sister Crow in Santa Fe, Donald Judd's Chinati Museum in the beautiful Marfa, Texas, ghost hunting in Gurdon, Arkansas with Emmy and buZ blurr, followed with a tour of Hatch Show Prints by Nieves in Nashville, Tennessee. After that it just became a blur of inescapable towns.

Now I'm back in NYC and the mood is as cold as the weather. The color of choice is black with black over black and a scarf, probably black. Everything is not on sale anymore nor are the treats homemade from a family recipe. Everything just kinda is. And that's fine. But word to the wise is don't drive through the south if you plan on coming out east. That southern hospitality will just melt your heart and the city freezes it over.

More photos from the trip here

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